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The Neck Cough

Having eliminated the ACE inhibitors, we now move on to common causes of the neck cough which include post viral illness, allergic rhinitis and hayfever, stomach reflux and heartburn, swallowing problems, prolonged chest coughing, and unusual head and neck disorders.

Helpful clues to distinguish the type of neck cough you have will be important as we go along. For example if the cough has been present for less than six weeks usually one cause is likely. A cough lasting for months usually has several causes. Coughing may occur more frequently at night or day depending on certain conditions. Some people are more at risk for prolonged coughing with smoking, passive cigarette exposure, or a family history of allergic problems. Finally, anxiety seems to have a role in prolonging a cough.

If you have thought about the clues please answer one of the following statements which seems most true of your cough.

When do you cough?