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The Neck Cough
No Coughing At Night

Coughing during the day with little or no coughing at night can be a useful clue. During the day people are speaking, exposed to different environments, and swallow; all of which are uncommon at night. These activities if abnormal or harmful may provoke or prolong a cough. A day cough may suggest a milder illness (and soon to resolve). During the day anxiety may lower your cough threshold (commonly referred to as stress related coughing). The usual causes of neck coughing are included in the day cough. This type of cough can be the most difficult to treat especially if it has lasted greater than a year. Common risk factors for prolonged day coughing can include a personal or family history of allergies (hay fever, hives, allergic rhinitis, or asthma), active or passive cigarette smoking currently or in the past, recent flu illness, or heartburn. An unusual risk factor is trouble swallowing seen mostly in the elderly.