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The Neck Cough
Coughing Is the Same Day or Night

This is the most common type of neck cough and is not as helpful in sorting out the likely causes. Risk factors for prolonged neck coughing include a personal or family history of allergies(hay fever, hives, allergic rhinitis, or asthma) active or passive cigarette smoking currently or in the past, recent flu illness, or heartburn. Unusual causes of neck cough can include many head and neck abnormalities from the ears to the vocal cords and cannot be anticipated or listed. Other clues to a head or neck source for a cough is coughing while laughing, while looking up or twisting the head, or while manipulating your nose or ears. Finally, over the counter nasal sprays and medicated eye drops may cause a neck cough.

If you have thought about the clues above please answer one of the following statements which seems most true of your cough.