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The Chest Cough

The Chest cough reflex is complex and for our discussion the simple cough will include common disorders causing irritation to the bronchial tubes. These diseases are Asthma, Stomach Reflux and Heartburn, Post Viral Illness, Swallowing Trouble and Unusual Causes. The cough sensation in the chest has been described by patients in the following way: "congestion, a tickle in my chest, wheezing and tightness or a raw feeling". In addition sputum production usually occurs even in small amounts. The chest cough from the bronchial tubes is similar to the itch felt from a skin rash such as poison oak or ivy. The irritation and redness in the bronchial tubes is like an internal rash that needs itching and the only response to scratch it the coughing reflex. Coughing due to irritation has a tendency to perpetuate this irritation thus prolonging the cough(coughing begets coughing!). Once the cause is known the cycle can be broken with specific therapy.

After you have thought about the above information please
select the statement that seems most true of your cough.