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The Chest Cough:
Stomach Reflux and Heartburn

The stomach contains storng acid necessary for digestion. The stomach connects to the esophagus which allows food to pass from the mouth. At the level of your Adam's apple the windpipe (trachea) departs along side the esophagus and allows air to ventilate the lung. When everything works well the acid stays in the stomach at all times. Unfortunately with heartburn the esophagus does not keep the acid bottled up and you get esophageal irritation or burning, At night and while lying down stomach acid and vomit can wash back to the Adam's apple spilling into your voice box and windpipe causing hoarseness and coughing. In addition to neck coughing this is also a common cause for chest coughing. This condition can go on for months with only mild reflux. This condition may lead to severe symptoms if the reflux is severe or there is a preexisting pulmonary condition such as asthma. Therapy for Chest Cough:Stomach Reflux and Heartburn".