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The Chest Cough
Cough Same Day or Night

This is the most common type of chest cough and is not helpful in sorting out the likely clauses. Risk factors for prolonged coughing include a personal or family history of allergies (hayfever, hives, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, or asthma), and active or passive cigarette smoking now or in the past, recent flu illness, or heartburn. Unusual causes or chest coughing include irritating smells or fumes in your environment, coughing related to swallowing problems, or stress related coughing. It is important to understand that coughing itself can prolong a coughing disorder (coughing begets coughing!) therfore a specific diagnosis is necessary to break the cycle of coughing.

After you have thought about the above information please select the statement that seems most true of your cough.