Mission Statement:

As a physician and an explorer of the internet I am concerned about the medical content I find. The content from the perspective of a lay person and patient looking for help seems inadequate. For instance there are thousands of sites related to coughing however they tend to be textbook type references with little guidance. I truly feel that web surfers are looking for special expertise to solve their problems. The solution to me is to share my expertise in the form of an interactive algorithm. This algorithm method would be similar to a patient calling a physician or advice nurse with symptoms of a cough for example. The main difference is that I have spent ten years diagnosing and treating cough. The distillation of this experience is the essence of my algorithm and thus the web site.

The future of this web site will depend on feedback from this particular site. My short-term plan is to refine this algorithm to best serve the needs of people. My long-term plan is to include other symptom algorithms in a library format to give people quality expertise in a interactive fashion. E-symptom.com is the next generation of quality consumer web sites.